Breaking bread

moneyMoney. At this point, I wanted to say “mo’ money, mo’ problems,” but that’s not necessarily true 100 percent of the time, is it? In actuality, there will always be some kind of problem discussing money as a whole, whether it be money in excess or lack thereof. I pity people who have allowed money to make them bitter in one way or another. I’ve met people who are angry with others who have lots of money. They feel these people aren’t using their financial status “properly,” or they did not honestly earn the money they possess. I have met people who are angry with the poor because their lack of money may force them to rely on government aid or they feel they aren’t contributing enough to society. So it seems that no matter how much or how little someone has, someone else is going to resent them for it whether their reasoning is legitimate or not. But what I fail to understand is… why?

I have no money to my name. Well, I certainly have some saved up, but the amount I owe in college loans sort of cancels out what little I do happen to have floating around my bank account. I owe money to the government. I owe money to private companies. I currently do not have an income, thus no way to repay my outstanding loans. In laymen’s terms, I’m a broke college graduate lazing about my parent’s house. Although there are many times when my financial status seriously affects my mood and psyche, I know that my bank account does not and will not ever define me as a person. Yes, life would be easier if I had more to my name for various reasons, but I believe that my value is not tied to how much money I have. I think a lot of people seem to forget this and instantly judge someone’s character, intelligence or work ethic based on their economic standing in society. On the flip side, growing up in a wealthy family who is willing and glad to help financially should not immediately mean that you are “entitled” or “spoiled.” Honestly, I truly dislike the negative connotation that the word, “entitled,” has. The word itself means you have a RIGHT to have, which certainly shouldn’t sound like a bad thing. Helping within the family shouldn’t be looked down on, should it? My brother has a job and sometimes he gives me gas money. Should I be ashamed? Am I entitled? I don’t feel that way. I do not resent others who have more money than I do, nor do I resent them for receiving trust fund money or inheriting a fortune through other ways. I can’t dislike them because I don’t know them personally. Sure, I’ll have my moments of jealousy just like anyone else, and it’s possible that some people with money may not deserve it. But again, who am I to say that for certain?

I understand how individual wealth plays a role in the economy. I can understand why people use so much energy arguing over it. The part I struggle with is why complain if you, yourself, can’t or won’t do anything to make the situation better? There are always exceptions – the poor who is intentionally poor simply to take advantage, the rich who is intentionally lazy and fruitless simply because they can afford to be – but the exception isn’t the only type of person. Wealth has always been something that has divided people even before money as currency was part of the picture. I believe that even if wealth were distributed evenly, people would still find ways to divide.

Nevertheless, I’m all for healthy debate and conversation as long as it does not become personal. If we constantly took offense based on others’ differences or discrepancies, we would live a very lonely life. And I think the golden rule here is if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. See, preschool taught us something valuable and it doesn’t cost a cent!


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